Version History – Mac

iReal Pro 10.0 – 3/5/2019 (requires OS X 10.11 El Capitan or higher)

– Added a new import flow that lets you preview the songs and playlists before importing them
– Added support for macOS 10.14 Mojave
– Increased tuning range to 415-466 (a semitone up and down)
– Increased size of repeat indicator text
– iReal Pro now requires macOS 10.11 El Capitan or higher

iReal Pro 8.3 – 8/1/2018 (requires iOS 9.3.5 or later)

– Added setting for tuning of backing tracks from standard A4 = 440 Hz to values between 430-450 Hz

Styles improvements:
– Fixed 3/8 timing of organ in Pop – Funk
– Better mix between instruments in Blues – Flat Tire
– Increased volume of organ in Blues – Mo-Slo
– Simplified bass line for one-beat chords in Blues – Mo-Slo
– Minor tweaks to Blues – Chicago Shuffle
– Fixed bass playing a minor 7th on major triads in Blues – Funky and Stax

iReal Pro 8.2 – 2/8/2018 (requires OS X 10.10 or later)

– Added option to share a playlist as a Setlist
– Added option to share a playlist as a PDF book
– Added option to duplicate a playlist
– Various bug fixes and improvements

iReal Pro 8.0 – 8/22/2017 (requires OS X 10.10 or later)

– 12 new Blues styles are now available as a one time In-App purchase
– Each Blues style comes with guitar, keyboard, bass and drums tracks

iCloud Sync
– Upload your songs and playlists to iCloud for safekeeping and for synchronization across any of your iCloud enabled devices such as iPhone, iPad or Mac

Improvements to audio
– Change tempo during playback
– Change instrument sounds during playback (Except drums)
– Exporting audio is now very fast
– Added two new electric guitars

– Added support for Touch Bar in latest MacBook Pro

iReal Pro 7.0 – 2/8/2016 (requires OS X 10.10 or later)

– NEW record yourself playing or singing along with iReal Pro
– Added new Pop styles: Glam Funk, Virtual Funk and House
– Added new Drums, Bass, Rhodes, Synth and Organ sounds
– Improved Tempo and Repeats controls
– Improved full screen support

iReal Pro 6.3 – 7/9/2015

– Added Ukulele chord diagrams and font

iReal Pro 6.2 – 5/28/2015

– Added option to choose between normal and embellished chords for each style
– Added min#5 chord quality
– Added option to find a song on the web
– Added Welcome window on first run of the app
– Added What’s New window when app is updated
– Added Version History accessible from the iReal Pro menu
– Improved Gypsy Jazz style
– Improved guitar chord diagrams
– Improved playback of diminished triads (lowercase ‘o’) to not include the diminished 7th
– Improved indication that a song is transposed
– Improved behavior and animation of Split View dividers when toggling sidebar visibility
– Changed keyboard shortcut for Duplicate song to Control-D to avoid conflict with the Editor CMD-Shift-D for Double Bar
– Fixed bug where printing a song that had been transposed in a playlist, would print in the original key
– Fixed issue where chord font would be wrong when the song had an END symbol
– Fixed issue where text in the editor drop-down menus would be invisible if System Accessibility High Contrast settings were enabled
– Fixed issue when trying to play in the editor, would play from the wrong measure
– Fixed issue when exporting to midi with practice settings enabled
– Fixed issue where composer wasn’t updated as you typed in the editor

iReal Pro 6.1 – 3/20/2015

– New Visual Count-In
– Added new Hand Writing Font for the chord charts
– Added new option to highlight rehearsal symbols in red
– Added a second option for Rhodes sound
– Added option to sort playlists in random order
– Added option to set the background color of the song
– Stability improvements and bug fixes

Detailed list:
– Fixed crash with badly formed song when using piano chords
– Fixed rare issue with double repeat bar line and alternate chords not displaying properly during playback
– Complete rework of guitar and piano chord font and chord diagram modules
– Improved behavior of split view in particular when hiding/showing side bar
– Fixed mixer labels not updating when changing style with the new style buttons
– Fixed issue where even slash symbols would get squeezed when after a Small symbol
– Fixed layout issue when having symbols at the beginning of a line without a bar line
– Fixed issue with string percentage escaping when exporting a song with the ‘%’ char in the text
– Fixed crash in Mac OS X 10.7
– Fixed issue when trying to import a song with a title between 70-80 characters long
– Fixed: to avoid corruptions in the song code, Emoji’s are now stripped away from staff text and custom chord qualities
– Fixed issue when quickly deleting songs by holding the delete button pressed, where only the first song would be deleted
– Fixed MusicXML export with 12/8 time signatures
– Fixed issue with double clicking title bar not zooming window in Yosemite
– Fixed issue in editor where the drop down chord menu wouldn’t show minor chord qualities according the m/- preference
– Fixed issue with Bluegrass accompaniment volume not being controllable in the Mixer
– Added keyboard shortcuts for quickly selecting styles
– Fixed issue where importing a song with a saves style belonging to the Extra Jazz Styles would show the saved style even when imported into an app that didn’t have the extra jazz styles purchased
– Fixed issue where ‘hard’ transposing a song in the editor would delete any transpositions of the same song in other playlists
– Fixed rare issue in editor where sometimes pressing Return after typing a chord would result in two of same chord being entered after each other.
– Fixed issue where text added at the bottom below the last staff would be cut off.
– Fixed layout issue when there was a vertical spacer at the beginning of a line with an open repeat bar line
– Added audio output selection to Preference panel
– Improved: better quality and better handling of margins when printing/PDF
– Improved: New style names added in the editor are now immediately available when editing other songs without need to restart the app
– Improved: song titles can now be up to 80 characters and Playlists, style and composers can be up to 60 characters
– Improved: Song titles starting with A (e.g. A Fine Romance) are no longer changed into Fine Romance, A when entering them n the editor
– Improved: inserting the invisible root in the editor now automatically also adds the slash
– Fixed issue in the Editor where clicking on the drop down menu for a chord with inversion would not show the inversion after each chord quality option
– Fixed issue in editor with long songs
– Fixed issue where it was not possible to import a playlist from the forums if iReal Pro wasn’t open
– Fixed issue with two bar styles (like son montuno) playing the wrong side of the clave on measures with two chords
– Fixed color of font button when main Window become inactive
– Fixed issue where song with invisible root in alternate chords wouldn’t play
– Fixed issue where adding a vertical spacer at the beginning of a new line with single bar line would delete the bar line
– Fixed issue where adding a vertical spacer wouldn’t update the position of the cursor in the editor
– Fixed issue in editor where with existing charts adding a chord right before a coda sign would delete the coda sign
– Fixed chord lengths when exporting to MusicXML
– Fixed ballad double time style with 2/4 measures
– Fixed issue where when displaying chord font in a x/8 time signature song wouldn’t regenerate the font when switching between triplets and non triplets styles
– Fixed issue with selecting a measure when there is a vertical spacer at the beginning of a staff with single bar line
– Fixed edge case where with rightmost bar line missing, piano chords would display incorrectly
– Fixed issue with NC symbols at the end of a line right next to the last bar line

iReal Pro 6.0.1 – 10/24/2014

– Stability improvements and bug fixes

Detailed list:
– Fixed issue where the default player style wasn’t properly matching the style text if there wasn’t a saved player style
– Fixed crash when importing many playlists one after the other quickly
– Fixed blue color of custom qualities in alternate chords in editor
– Better purchase button for In-Apps now shows Buy all 12 extra styles

iReal Pro 6.0 – 9/21/2014

– ALL CHORD DIAGRAMS are now included for free in the app
– ADDED 12 new Jazz Styles available as In-App purchase:
– Ballad Double Time Feel
– Ballad Melodic
– Blue Note
– Doo Doo Cats
– Even 16ths
– Even 8ths Open
– Guitar Trio
– Medium Up Swing 2
– New Orleans Swing
– Second Line
– Trad Jazz
– Up Tempo Swing 2
– ADDED new instruments (each style will have different instruments available to it):
– Harmony sounds: B3 Organ, Jazz Guitar, Banjo, Strings, Choir, various synths and pads
– Bass sounds: Fretless bass, Picked bass, Muted bass, Slap bass, Moog bass, Q Bass, Sub Bass, Tuba
– Old K ride cymbal to the jazz drum set
– Drumstick sound for Count-In
– IMPROVED the sampled sounds of Piano, Fender Rhodes and Acoustic Guitar
– IMPROVED Practice style is now called Long Notes and allows for many more sound options
– ADDED option to have No Count-In
– ADDED ability to set the volume of the Count-In
– ADDED option to sort playlists in random order
– IMPROVED Mixer selection of sounds

iReal Pro 5.1 – 6/13/2014

– ADDED: 3/8 and 5/8 time signatures in notation and playback for all non-swing styles
– Corrected the way 6/8, 9/8 and 12/8 play in non-swing styles
– Improved count-in for all x/8 time signatures
– Improved count-in now matches time signature of starting measure

iReal Pro 5.0.5 – 5/6/2014

– Increased overall volume of audio output
– ADDED export audio to AAC format
– ADDED option to select AirPlay or other audio output devices from the main window
– New: double click a song title to start playing it
– Fixed issue with sound offset when playing audio through AirPort Express

iReal Pro 5.0.4 – 2/25/2014

– NEW: Quickly import a complete backup including all songs and playlists. CTRL-click the BACKUP html file (in email, Dropbox or wherever you’ve saved it) and choose Open With > iReal Pro
– ADDED: new tutorials for: Transposition, Player, Sharing, Editor and Backup
– IMPROVED: Last viewed song now is opened when restarting the app
– IMPROVED: Exporting playlist to the forums that have less than 300 songs now includes the individual song codes
– IMPROVED: A progress indicator now appears when emptying trash, deleting songs and importing playlists
– CHANGED: Classic Font icon from Bb to C7
– CHANGED: behavior of chord diagrams windows so they don’t hide when activating another app
– CHANGED: deprecated .irb file format as it was not cross-platform compatible. You can still open old .irb files
– FIXED: bug where with Number notation it wasn’t possible to transpose the playback
– FIXED: issue with MusicXML where exporting a song transposed to C (or A-) would result in a chart with wrong key signature
– Many more performance improvements and small bug fixes

iReal Pro 5.0 – 10/28/2013

– NEW NAME: iReal Pro
– Completely new design
– Better and simpler player controls
– Selectable instruments in the Mixer
– ADDED vibraphone sound
– Optional click track instead of drums
– Selectable click sounds
– Piano and Guitar fonts: with the guitar and piano chords add ons you can now see a song with all the chords at once
– ADDED recent playlists
– ADDED trash so you will never accidentally delete and lose a song
– ADDED new tutorials