Version History – iOS

iReal Pro 10.0 – 3/6/2019 (requires iOS 11.4 or higher)

– Added a new import flow that lets you preview the songs and playlists before importing them
– Added support for new iPhone and iPad Pro models
– Improved support for Apple Watch playback controls
– Added option to share exported audio from previous exports or recordings in case of failure
– Updated AirTurn with support for newest bluetooth pedals
– Increased tuning range to 415-466 (a semitone up and down)
– Increased size of repeat indicator text

iReal Pro 8.3 – 8/1/2018 (requires iOS 9.3.5 or later)

– Added setting for tuning of backing tracks from standard A4 = 440 Hz to values between 430-450 Hz

Styles improvements:
– Fixed 3/8 timing of organ in Pop – Funk
– Better mix between instruments in Blues – Flat Tire
– Increased volume of organ in Blues – Mo-Slo
– Simplified bass line for one-beat chords in Blues – Mo-Slo
– Minor tweaks to Blues – Chicago Shuffle
– Fixed bass playing a minor 7th on major triads in Blues – Funky and Stax

iReal Pro 8.2 – 2/8/2018 (requires iOS 9.3.5 or later)

– Added option to share a whole playlist as a pdf
– Added option to Duplicate a playlist
– Added option to share a Playlist as a text format setlist
– Added option to rename a playlist by swiping and selecting the More option
– Added option to rename a playlist by tapping on the Title while viewing the playlist
– Implemented multiple selection for faster deletion/trashing of songs in playlists
– Added support for new tap-n-hold playlist reordering available in iOS 11

iReal Pro 8.0 – 8/22/2017 (requires iOS 9.3.5 or later)

– 12 new Blues styles are now available as a one time In-App purchase
– Each Blues style comes with guitar, keyboard, bass and drums tracks

iCloud Sync
– Upload your songs and playlists to iCloud for safekeeping and for synchronization across any of your iCloud enabled devices such as iPhone, iPad or Mac

Improvements to audio
– Change tempo during playback
– Change instrument sounds during playback (Except drums)
– Exporting audio is now very fast
– Added two new electric guitars

iReal Pro 7.0 – 2/8/2016 (requires iOS 9.1 or later)

– NEW record yourself playing or singing along with iReal Pro
– Added new Pop styles: Glam Funk, Virtual Funk and House
– Added new Drums, Bass, Rhodes, Synth and Organ sounds
– Added support for iPad multitasking
– Added support for iPad Pro
– Added support 3D Touch on iPhone 6s and 6s Plus
– Improved Mixer and Transposition controls

iReal Pro 6.3 – 7/9/2015

– Added Ukulele chord diagrams and font

iReal Pro 6.2 – 5/28/2015

– Added option to choose between normal and embellished chords for each style
– Added min#5 chord quality
– Improved Gypsy Jazz style
– Improved guitar chord diagrams
– Improved playback of diminished triads (lowercase ‘o’) to not include the diminished 7th
– Fixed issue where Username and Password to forums were not saved when user selected Remember Me during login
– Fixed issue where chord chart would print in wrong size from iPad and iPhone 4
– Fixed rendering of long songs on iPad
– Fixed other minor bugs

iReal Pro 6.1 – 3/20/2015

– NEW Visual Count-In
– Added new Hand Writing Font for the chord charts
– Added new option to highlight rehearsal symbols in red
– Added a second option for Rhodes sound
– Stability improvements and bug fixes

Detailed list:
– Improved: count in is now on a separate Midi track so that there are no more issues when drum volume is different from count in volume
– Improved: song titles can now be up to 80 characters and Playlists, style and composers can be up to 60 characters
– Improved: Forums tab now use the newer and faster WKWebView when in iOS 8 (needs to be thoroughly tested)
– Improved: better share options when sharing the current forums page (iOS 8 only)
– Improved: Easier saving to disk option when exporting audio as WAV or AAC
– Improved: Song titles starting with A (e.g. A Fine Romance) are no longer changed into Fine Romance, A when entering them n the editor
– Fixed issue with two bar styles (like son montuno) playing the wrong side of the clave on measures with two chords.
– Fixed: smoother song view animation on first starting the app on iPad
– Fixed issue in Low CPU mode where the position marker would show even though it wasn’t supposed to
– Fixed issue where song with invisible root in alternate chords wouldn’t play
– Fixed issue with pasting over a selection in Editor
– Fixed issue where the More menu (when swiping a single son in the main list) wouldn’t dismiss when tapping on cancel
– Fixed issue on iPad where google search results in the forums wouldn’t be in mobile format
– Fixed issue where adding a vertical spacer at the beginning of a new line with single bar line would delete the bar line
– Fixed issue where adding a vertical spacer wouldn’t update the position of the cursor in the editor
– Fixed issue in Find song in music library and iTunes store where the wrong album cover was loaded
– Fixed layout issue on iPhone when editing a song by swiping a cell from song list sorted by composer or style
– Fixed: better Song controls animation with call/recording status bar
– Fixed issue where force quitting the app after deleting songs and emptying the trash would restore the songs to the main list
– Fixed issue where after tapping and holding a measure to show the chord diagram, slightly moving the finger would make the chord diagram disappear
– Fixed chord lengths when exporting to MusicXML
– Fixed issue with 3. endings playing incorrectly when the chord had two sets or repeats with multiple endings (as discussed in the forums)
– Fixed issue with invisible roots in number notation
– Fixed guitar font spacing
– Fixed order of piano chords in piano font
– Fixed size of chord scale diagrams on iPad
– Fixed missing chord symbols in Chord Syllabus
– Fixed issues with tap and hold to select a measure
– Fixed issue with NC symbols at the end of a line right next to the last bar line
– Fixed edge case where with rightmost bar line missing, piano chords would display incorrectly
– Fixed ballad double time style with 2/4 measures
– Fixed issue where with chord font some error messages kept showing even without pressing the play button
– Fixed missing portrait upside down rotation on iPhone
– Fixed crash with badly formed song when using piano chords
– Fixed issue with Bluegrass accompaniment volume not being controllable in the Mixer
– Fixed: to avoid corruptions in the song code, Emoji’s are now stripped away from staff text and custom chord qualities
– Better positioning of buttons in middle toolbar in Editor
– Better “Open in…” Icon for sharing
– Added cursor moving button in editor for iPad and landscape for iPhone
– Added missing accessibility labels
– Added an ‘always there’ back button in the editor next to the delete button
– Added links to Tips and Tricks and online guides in the More tab
– Adding a song to playlist now immediately opens the New Playlist popover if no playlists exists
– Inserting the invisible root in the editor now automatically also adds the slash
– Complete rework of guitar and piano chord font and chord diagram modules
– Fixed sorting issues in non US languages

iReal Pro 6.0.1 – 10/24/2014

– ADDED support for iPhone 6/6+
– Completely new improved song editor for the iPad that also works in landscape orientation
– Stability improvements and bug fixes

Detailed list:
– Fixed issue with playlist numbering not updating after deleting a song
– Workaround for iOS 8 issue where screen would dim on iPad unexpectedly
– Fixed iPad issue when editing a song from the song list
– Fixed infinite loop condition when importing songs with long titles
– Nicer keyboard dismissal when exiting editor
– Fixed table view cells heigh changing when popping a view
– Fixed reported crash in audio engine
– Added support for iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus
– iPad Editor now looks and works like the iPhone and works in landscape as well
– All parts of the app now work in both orientations on all devices
– On iPhones in landscape the state bar is now hidden to allow for more space
– Delete button in Editor keyboard now remains visible even when you switch to symbols
– Fixed custom quality size in iPad editor
– Added X to turn off count in volume
– Added subject to email when sharing
– Fixed playlist name spacing in subject field when exporting via Email
– Fixed issue with chord diagrams turning off on iPhone when opening the controls
– Fixed crash when restoring a single song from the Trash
– Fixed issue with audio from music player stopping when switching to iReal Pro
– Updated Audiobus SDK to version 2.1.4
– Fixed layout of practice controls in landscape on iPhone 4 and iPhone 5 size screens

iReal Pro 6.0 – 9/21/2014

– ALL STYLES AND CHORD DIAGRAMS are now included for free in the app.
– ADDED 12 new Jazz Styles available as In-App purchase:
– Ballad Melodic
– Ballad Double Time Feel
– Medium Up Swing 2
– Up Tempo Swing 2
– Guitar Trio
– New Orleans Swing
– Even 8ths Open
– Even 16ths
– Blue Note
– Second Line
– Trad Jazz
– Doo Doo Cats
– ADDED new instruments (each style will have different instruments available to it):
– Harmony sounds: B3 Organ, Jazz Guitar, Banjo, Strings, Choir, various synths and pads
– Bass sounds: Fretless bass, Picked bass, Muted bass, Slap bass, Moog bass, Q Bass, Sub Bass, Tuba
– Old K ride cymbal to the jazz drum set
– Drumstick sound for Count-In
– IMPROVED the sampled sounds of Piano, Fender Rhodes and Acoustic Guitar
– IMPROVED Practice style is now called Long Notes and allows for many more sound options
– ADDED option to have No Count-In
– ADDED ability to set the volume of the Count-In
– ADDED option to sort playlists in random order
– UPDATED Audiobus to version 2

iReal Pro 5.1 – 6/13/2014

– ADDED: 3/8 and 5/8 time signatures in notation and playback for all non-swing styles
– Corrected the way 6/8, 9/8 and 12/8 play in non-swing styles
– Improved count-in for all x/8 time signatures
– Improved count-in now matches time signature of starting measure

iReal Pro 5.0.5 – 5/6/2014

– Increased overall volume of audio output
– Easier access to help and support in the song and the editor
– Fixed an issue where excessive battery drainage would happen after leaving the app

iReal Pro 5.0.4 – 2/25/2014

– NEW: Quickly import a complete backup including all songs and playlists. Tap and hold the BACKUP html file (in email, Dropbox or wherever you’ve saved it) and choose Open in… iReal Pro
– ADDED: new Backup Tutorial
– IMPROVED: faster app startup process for large libraries
– IMPROVED: You can now also search by Composer in the main song list and in playlists
– IMPROVED: Exporting playlist to the forums that have less than 300 songs now includes the individual song codes
– CHANGED: Classic Font icon from Bb to C7
– FIXED: issue where if changing the player settings while looping, the playback would start from the top. It now restarts the same loop with the new settings
– FIXED: buggy “Add to Playlist” dialog on iPad with many playlists
– FIXED: crash in iOS 5 when sharing something and choosing Open In…
– FIXED: issue with AirTurn ON where the keyboard wouldn’t appear when sharing songs and playlists via email
– FIXED: issue where transposed songs exported to WAV or AAC would stay in the original key
– FIXED: issue with MusicXML where exporting a song transposed to C (or A-) would result in a chart with wrong key signature
– FIXED: issue where deleting a playlist on iPad in portrait mode would close the side panel
– FIXED: issue with Audiobus where the play/pause button wasn’t updated when a song would reach the end
– FIXED: crash when importing some corrupted playlists
– Many more performance improvements and small bug fixes

iReal Pro 5.0.2 – 11/20/2013

– Various improvements and performance enhancements

iReal Pro 5.0.1 – 11/5/2013

– Bug fixes

iReal Pro 5.0 – 10/28/2013

– NEW NAME: iReal Pro
– Completely new design
– Better and simpler player controls
– Completely new improved song editor for the iPhone
– Selectable instruments in the Mixer
– ADDED vibraphone sound
– Optional click track instead of drums
– Selectable click sounds
– Piano and Guitar fonts: with the guitar and piano chords add ons you can now see a song with all the chords at once
– ADDED recent playlists
– ADDED trash so you will never accidentally delete and lose a song
– Built in Forums for quicker and easier access
– ADDED support for Audiobus
– Find a song in your Music library, iTunes Store, YouTube or the Web
– ADDED new tutorials

iReal B 4.6 – 2/17/2013

– New style: Jazz – Swing Two/Four style
– ADDED option for left handed guitar chord diagrams
– ADDED support for 4 pedal AirTurn
– ADDED ability to program the function of the AirTurn pedals
/This version of iReal b requires iOS 5 or higher. Do not download if your device is running iOS 4/

iReal B 4.5.1 – 12/4/2012

– Fixed a crash when opening Settings in iOS 4.3
– Fixed crash with AirPrint in iOS 6
iReal B 4.5 – 11/20/2012
– Updated for 4 inch Retina display
– ADDED support for upside down rotation
Warning 1: this version requires iOS 4.3 or higher: do not download if your device is running iOS 4.2.1 or below
Warning 2:iReal b 4.5 will be the last update to function with iOS 4.
If you are still using iOS 4, we recommend making a backup of this version of iReal b 4.5 from your iTunes, and not to install future updates.

iReal B 4.4 – 9/24/2012

– ADDED Option for Bass Clef in Chords and Scales
– New sharing format: all your transpositions and player settings are now saved and included when exporting and importing songs and playlists
Warning: iReal b 4.4 will be the last update to function with iOS 4.2.1 or earlier
If you are still using iOS 4.2.1 or earlier, we recommend making a backup of this version of iReal b 4.4 from your iTunes, and not to install future updates.

iReal B 4.3 – 8/31/2012

– New In-App purchase: (requires iOS 4.3)
– Chord Scales: Displays chord and scale diagrams during playback following the chord progression. It’s also an extensive library of chord and scale diagrams for quick and easy reference.
– Preferred chord diagrams for each song are now saved (guitar, piano and scales)
– Tap and hold a measure to see and choose chord diagrams (guitar, piano and scales). No need to start playback.

iReal B 4.2.1 – 6/14/2012

– Minor bug fixes

iReal B 4.2 – 6/6/2012

– New Practice Feature: automatic transpose at each repeat
– New Practice Feature: automatic tempo increase at each repeat
– New Pop Style: Bluegrass
– New Pop Style: Funk
– ADDED export as Music XML
– ADDED support for AirPlay
– Chorus counter now indicates total number of choruses
– Improved VoiceOver support
– ADDED background textures
– Higher quality JPEG export, PDF export and printing
– Full iPad retina display support
– Player settings are now saved independently for each playlist
– Improved email format

iReal B 4.1.3 – 3/26/2012

– Added support for AirTurn™ and other bluetooth page turners (Activate in the settings of iReal b)
– Bug fixes and stability improvements

iReal B 4.1.2 – 2/17/2012

– Bug fixes

iReal B 4.1.1 – 1/27/2012

– Bug fixes

iReal B 4.1 – 1/20/2012

– iOS 3 is no longer supported (Don’t download this if you are on iOS 3)
– New In-App purchase: Guitar chords and Piano chords
– Tap and hold to start playing from any bar
– Tap and hold a bar, then drag to select the bars to loop
– Export audio as MIDI
– Various other fixes and improvements
(Notice: due to copyright issues ‘iReal Book’ has become ‘iReal b’ and no longer includes any songs when installed. 1000s of songs can be found in the forums.)

iReal Book 4.0.7 – 10/28/2011

– ADDED video tutorials
– Fixed iOS 5 compatibility bugs
iOS 3 users: iReal b 4.0.7 will be the last update to function with iOS 3 devices. It’s recommended to make a safety copy of the app from iTunes.

iReal Book 4.0.6 – 10/11/2011

– ADDED copy/paste to the iPhone song editor
– Minor bug fixes
– Compatible with iOS 5

iReal Book 4.0.5 – 10/9/2011

– Minor bug fixes

iReal Book 4.0.4 – 9/12/2011

– ADDED new Jazz style: Double Time Swing

iReal Book 4.0.3 – 8/31/2011

– ADDED Spanish localization
– Various fixes and improvements

iReal Book 4.0.2 – 6/1/2011

-Fixed playback bug on older devices

iReal Book 4.0.1 – 6/1/2011

– New Jazz Style: Latin/Swing combo
– New Latin Style: Cuba – Son montuno 3-2 clave
– ADDED support for AudioCopy/Paste when exporting WAV files
– ADDED export charts as PDF
– Various fixes and improvements

iReal Book 4.0 – 2011

– Changed: Due to copyright issues ‘iReal Book’ has become ‘iReal b’ and no longer includes any songs (Existing users will not lose their songs). 1000s of songs can be found in the forums.
– Changed: iReal b includes 50 exercise chord progressions
– ADDED: Export audio as WAV and AAC (requires iOS 4)
– ADDED: Loop a selection of bars of a chart for focused practicing
– ADDED: Support for AirPrint (requires iOS 4.2)
– ADDED: In-App Purchase of Pop Styles Pack with 10 styles included
– ADDED: Number system notation – Nashville notation (for individual songs or as global setting)
– ADDED: Setting (Background Audio) for compatibility with iRig/AmpliTube and other guitar connection kits
– Fixed: playback position marker lag on older devices
– Compatible with iOS 4.3

iReal Book 3.0.4

– ADDED Latin Styles Pack with 7 styles, available for In-App purchase
– ADDED a Practice style to the Jazz Styles Pack
– The player now remembers the last used style, tempo and number of choruses for each song
– Simplified some piano voicings
– Simplified the Gypsy Jazz style
– Fixed an issue where the visual count in would only work the first time playback
– Fixed rare transposition bug on iPad
– Compatible with iOS 4.2

iReal Book 3.0.3

– Fixed issue with keyboard not disappearing after selected search in landscape mode on iPad
– Improved visibility of position marker during playback

iReal Book 3.0.2

– Improved red bar line marker accuracy for older devices
– Improved activity indicator during midi generation
– ADDED gypsy jazz style