iReal Pro 6.1

Today we are releasing version 6.1 of iReal Pro for iPhone, iPad, Mac OS X and Android.

You can get this free update now on the iOS App StoreMac App Store and Google Play.
Here is a shortlist of the changes:

  • New Hand Writing font for the chord charts
  • New option to highlight rehearsal symbols in red
  • New visual Count-In
  • Added a second option for Rhodes sound
  • Added option to sort playlists in random order (OS X)
  • Added option to set the background color of the song (OS X, Android)
  • Added option to search for a song on the web (Android)
  • Stability improvements and bug fixes

The last big update was iReal Pro 6.0 in November last year, which was a very stable build, so for the winter we decided to focus our coding efforts not only on new features, but also on squashing a number of long standing small bugs and on cleaning up old code. For the more curious, find a complete list of changes on our website (iOSOS XAndroid). With all these ‘behind the scene’ improvements we are now ready to dive into development of some new exciting features coming this year.

Tips and Tricks

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