How to change the chord fonts and show the chord diagrams

Tap the Visual Settings button (to the left of the edit button on the top of the screen)

Tap on Fonts and choose between Guitar/Piano/Ukulele to see the tabs/chords under the chords in your chart.
You find the Font settings above the chart on the left.
Examples of different fonts:
Hand Writing                                            Number Notation
Guitar tabs                                                Ukulele tabs
Piano – one hand                                    Piano – two hands
In case you would like to use a different fingering/inversion of the chord, make sure that the chord diagrams are turned ON.
Tap on the chart to bring up the Player control, then the bottom right icon to turn on the Piano/Guitar/Ukulele chords and Chord Scales. After you selected the Chord diagram type, tap the bottom right icon again to hide it.


Tap and hold the chord to bring up the fingering/voicing.
Tap on the chord diagram you want to change and swipe it to the left to select the inversion you want.
click on Chords at the bottom right to turn on the Piano/Guitar/Ukulele chords or Chord Scales.
In the chord chart, click on the chord to change the inversion. In the Chord diagram window you will see the available inversions/fingerings.