Home Manual 2. Transposition Transposition

1. Transposition (soft):

• iOS: Tap on the treble clef in the player controls at the bottom and select a key.

• Android: Tap the Key on the left in the player controls and select a key.

• macOS: Click on the Key window at the bottom right and choose a key.

2. Transposition (hard)

Set the Default key signature: open the Editor (pencil icon), tap on Info (i) , then KEY, select the key & tonality(major/minor) you want and tap on Set.
Transpose all chords in chart and change the Default key signature: select the desired key signature and press the Set and Transpose button.

If you select Set, only the Default key signature of the song will be changed – without changing any of the chords.

3.Global transposition for transposing instrument

Global transposition is in Concert key (C) by default. You can change it according to your instrument’s key.

• iOS/Android:  On the top of your screen in song view, tap on the third button (settings) from the right, then  Transposing instrument and select your instrument’s transposing key.
Close this window. Tap on the chart and select the key you want at the bottom right.

• OS X: in the app Preferences under Transposing Instrument, select your instrument’s key from drop down menu.

For more information on transposition see the Tutorials under More.