Transferring songs from another device

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Here are the steps to transfer your backup from one device to another:

• Make a backup (iOS/Android: tap on More/Backup; on Mac OS: File > Backup)
• Save it to Dropbox or email it to yourself
• To import the whole backup – songs and playlists: (Requires iReal Pro 5.0.4 or higher)
iOS: In Dropbox tap on the BACKUP.html file, on the top right, tap on Share, Export, Open in and select Import with iReal Pro.  In Mail tap on the BACKUP.html file and choose Import with iReal Pro.
OS X: drag the BACKUP.html file on the iReal Pro app icon in the dock
Android: From Dropbox or Google Drive open the BACKUP.html file with iReal Pro. From Email you have to save the file to disk then open it using a file manager app.

For more info see tutorials in iReal Pro.