iReal Pro with GarageBand

Home Manual 4. Player - Advanced Audio iReal Pro with GarageBand
What you will need:
– Apogee Jam or iRig  guitar interface adapter for iPad , iPhone, iPod touch, Android and Mac
– Garageband (or other app for effects and amp like Amplitube)
– iReal Pro
– Launch GarageBand and create a new song
– Choose “Guitar Amp” and turn on the monitor
– Adjust gain
After that open iReal Pro and play along or tap on Share on the top right and select Record.
You have other options to listen/record with iReal Pro:
1. Open GarageBand, add a new track and select an Inter-App Audio app. Open the Instrument browser and tap select iReal Pro. Record the song from iReal Pro and a new track to record your playing.
More info here:
2. You can listen to/record any track directly from iReal Pro into GarageBand with Audiobus and use effects.
You find a tutorial here how to record the sound directly into Garageband.

In iReal Pro, go to More/Background Audio and make sure that it’s set to ON.
For an audio app to run background audio, it would have a setting for background audio OFF/ON. To run another audio app in the foreground at the same time, this app must allow the background audio through (many apps do not do this so you have to check.)