Editor’s buttons

Home Manual 1. Getting Started 6. Editor Editor’s buttons
  1. Chord quality button (enter the Chord ‘F’ and select the chord quality like ^7, 7, 7b9)
  2. Delete/Add space in the chart (more info here)
  3. ‘i’ Info button: allows you to edit the title, composer, style indication and key of the song
  4. Alternative chord: tap on it to add small alternative chords above the existing chord(Note:the player will ignore them)
  5. Slash for bass note: add a chord inversion by adding the bass note like D7/A
  6. Double repeat sign: repeat the previous two bars by placing this sign over a bar line
  7. Change the size of the chord: tap 1: small, tap 2: normal, tap 3: neutral (it changes the size until the next size change)
  8. Invisible root: repeats the previous chord over the specified bass note
  9. Undo button: undo your edit
  10. Symbols button: takes you to the next page in the Editor to change bar lines, time signatures, etc
  11. ‘abc’ button: takes you to the keyboard to add text
  12. button 1
  13. button 2
  14. button 3
  15. Add vertical space (Tap on it several times to increase it. Often used to separate a Coda section.)
  16. Repeat endings: tap 1: 1st ending, tap 2: 2nd ending, tap 3: 3rd ending, tap 4: open repeat, tap 5: cancel
  17. button 11
  18. Rehearsal texts: list of commonly used texts (e.g. D.C. al Coda, D.S. al Coda, repeat times up to 8x*) understood and interpreted by the Player. (*you can manually add in higher numbers like 20x by using the keyboard)
  19. Text placement: move the text vertically with the arrows