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Write chart with melody

Save time when you need to write a chart with melody. Export your song from iReal Pro in MusicXML so you have the chords and the form ready.

Exporting a song in audio format

iOS: – tap on the song you want to export then the Share button on the top right – tap Share Audio and tap on the format you would like to use (WAV, AAC, Midi) – For more info see the tutorials under More Mac OS X: – click on the song you want to […]

Share chart with AirDrop

Here are 3 easy steps how to share an iReal Pro chart with AirDrop between iPhone, iPad and Mac in PDF or iReal Pro format.

Print chart

Open the song you’d like to print. iOS: Tap the Share button in the top right corner . Tap Chord Chart and then PDF. Now you can: • Print it directly from your iPhone/iPad if you have an AirPrint enabled printer • Email it to yourself and print it from a computer. Android: Share the […]

Transferring songs from another device

Here are the steps to transfer your backup from one device to another: • Make a backup (iOS/Android: tap on More/Backup; on Mac OS: File > Backup) • Save it to Dropbox or email it to yourself • To import the whole backup – songs and playlists: (Requires iReal Pro 5.0.4 or higher) iOS: In Dropbox tap on the […]

Exporting to MIDI and MusicXML

A song can be exported in MIDI format (Share -> Audio MIDI). The resulting MIDI file will be a rendition of the song as you would have heard it if you pressed play – the same number of repeats, the same tempo, the same key, the same style… The MIDI file can be opened in […]