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How to loop


How to set count in
Chord chart length

The iReal Pro editor currently supports maximum 12 systems, a total of 96 measures. As an example, see the “Bossa 3” exercise included with iReal Pro or “Chega de Saudade”  included in the Jazz 1300 playlist.

Player Control

Tap on screen to show/hide the Player control. Choose the accompaniment style Set the tempo, the number of repeats and the key             Practice controls allow automatic tempo and key change at each repeat In the Mixer, set the instruments by tapping on their name, their volume and the count […]


The beauty of iReal Pro is that you can download the app, import 1000s of chord charts from the forums with a couple of clicks, select one of the songs, press the Play button, and you’re ready to start practicing. Once you’ve learned these first basic steps and the options to change tempo, repeats, playback style and transposition, you […]

Time signatures recognized by the player

The Player recognizes all the time signatures provided in the editor. This is how they are interpreted – 4/4, 3/4 and 2/4 simply play as written in all styles 2/2 plays as 4/4 3/2 plays as 3/4 + 3/4 5/4 plays as 3/4 + 2/4 6/4 plays as 3/4 + 3/4 7/4 plays as 4/4 […]

Change chord fonts and show chord diagrams

iOS/Android: Tap the Visual Settings button (to the left of the edit button on the top of the screen) Tap on Fonts and choose between Guitar/Piano/Ukulele to see the tabs/chords under the chords in your chart.     Mac: You find the Font settings above the chart on the right. Examples of different fonts: Hand Writing […]

Add intro to a song

There are two easy ways to add an intro to your song. Option 1: The ending of the song works as an intro. Tap and hold for example 4 or 8 measures from the end of the song and play from there. Remember to add one chorus to the total count as the first chorus will be […]

Coda symbol

The Coda symbol  can be used in two different ways in iReal Pro to define how the form of a song is to be played. One way is to use the Coda as what is sometimes referred to as outro or tag. As seen in 500 Miles High, the Coda will be played only once at […]

Change the playback instrument

Go to any song and tap on the chart. The Mixer is the second button from the right at the bottom of the player control. (On Mac OS it says Mixer)