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Getting Started

To get started with using iReal Pro, check out this guide for downloading, installing, and registration. Minimum Requirements In order to run the current version of iReal Pro, you need: Mac computers: macOS 10.10 and up (previous app versions require minimum macOS 10.6.8) iPhone, iPad, iPod: iOS 9.1 and up (previous app versions require minimum iOS 4) Android phone/tablet, […]

Chord Symbols

“-” = minor “^” or “∆” triangle = major 7 “o” circle = diminished “ø” circle with a slash = half-diminished (min7b5) “+” = augmented (#5) “7#5” = augmented 7 “sus” = sus4 “2” = sus2 Example: Cm6 = C-6 CmMaj7=C-^7 F with C in the bass = F/C Available chords in iReal Pro:

Importing songs from iReal Pro Forums

Importing songs from iReal Pro Forums You find many great playlists on the forum that you can import for free without registering on the forum.  Here are a few playlists to start with: Jazz Brazilian Latin Blues Pop Country Click here to download the 6 main playlists. You find instructions inside the app under More/Tutorials or in our […]

Input your own song

One of the most interesting features of iReal Pro is that you can edit an existing chord chart or create a new one from scratch and it will play as written. Besides chords and bar lines, a chart can contain many other symbols (rehearsal letters, time signatures, endings, codas…) so when you first open the […]


The beauty of iReal Pro is that you can download the app, import 1000s of chord charts from the forums with a couple of clicks, select one of the songs, press the Play button, and you’re ready to start practicing. Once you’ve learned these first basic steps and the options to change tempo, repeats, playback style and transposition, you […]

Editor’s buttons

            Chord quality button (enter the Chord ‘F’ and select the chord quality like ^7, 7, 7b9) Delete/Add space in the chart (more info here) ‘i’ Info button: allows you to edit the title, composer, style indication and key of the song Alternative chord: tap on it to add small […]

Melody & Lyrics

Unfortunately, copyright and legal issues with publishers and copyright holders restrict us from including melody and lyrics. iReal Pro supports transposable chord charts with play along function. There is a possible solution on certain iOS and Android devices. iReal Pro 7 and higher supports multitasking (split view) on newer iPad models. You can read PDF music charts while using […]

Android version of iReal Pro on Windows

We haven’t made iReal Pro for Windows yet, but there is an easy way to run the Android version on a PC using a third-party Android emulator. There are many alternatives like Leapdroid, MEmu, AndY, AMIDuOS just to name a few. Here you find the basic steps how to install iReal Pro with an emulator using BlueStacks*. (this process is very similar when you […]

Find a song in your music library

You can easily find a version of the song you’re learning on the web or on your device.(Android & iOS)

Change the playback instrument

Go to any song and tap on the chart. The Mixer is the second button from the right at the bottom of the player control. (On Mac OS it says Mixer)