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Add intro to a song

There are two easy ways to add an intro to your song. Option 1: The ending of the song works as an intro. Tap and hold for example 4 or 8 measures from the end of the song and play from there. Remember to add one chorus to the total count as the first chorus will be […]

Coda symbol

The Coda symbol  can be used in two different ways in iReal Pro to define how the form of a song is to be played. One way is to use the Coda as what is sometimes referred to as outro or tag. As seen in 500 Miles High, the Coda will be played only once at […]

Copy/Paste/Insert bars

Mac: Click and drag the bars you want to copy and use the common shortcuts (click on Edit to check the shortcuts)  iOS: Tap and hold on the first bar and drag a finger across the area of the song you would like to select. A menu will appear that will let you choose from Cut, […]