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Insert/Delete measure

“+>” – adds a blank cell in the currently selected position shifting the following part of the chord progression of one beat/cell forward. For example tap in the first space top left and tap the Plus button 16 times to create space across the top to add space for an intro. “<x” – removes the […]

Change time signature

Go to the song you would like to edit, tap/click on the Edit icon(pencil). Tap/click on the beat where you’d like to change time signature. iPhone/iPad: At the bottom of the screen, tap on Symbols and it will show all the available Symbols including Time Signatures OS X: in the Editor panel choose the desired time […]

Chord chart length

The iReal Pro editor currently supports maximum 12 systems, a total of 96 measures. As an example, see the “Bossa 3” exercise included with iReal Pro or “Chega de Saudade”  included in the Jazz 1300 playlist.

Invisible Root

The oval button indicates an invisible root. It can be used when you want to indicate a moving bass note without a change in the chords. Doing this in the Editor: Will result in this: (on the Mac version, you can also write ‘W/A’ in the Editor)

Chord Symbols

“-” = minor “^” or “∆” triangle = major 7 “o” circle = diminished “ø” circle with a slash = half-diminished (min7b5) “+” = augmented (#5) “7#5” = augmented 7 “sus” = sus4 “2” = sus2 Example: Cm6 = C-6 CmMaj7=C-^7 F with C in the bass = F/C Available chords in iReal Pro:

Alternate Chords

The small chords above the regular chords are Alternate chords and when editing the song you need to switch to Alternate Chords mode to edit them. Open the Editor (pencil button), then: iPhone/iPad: tap this button:   Android: tap on Regular chord OS X: click on Regular Chord Now you can easily add, change or delete Alternate […]

Input your own song

One of the most interesting features of iReal Pro is that you can edit an existing chord chart or create a new one from scratch and it will play as written. Besides chords and bar lines, a chart can contain many other symbols (rehearsal letters, time signatures, endings, codas…) so when you first open the […]

Editor’s buttons

            Chord quality button (enter the Chord ‘F’ and select the chord quality like ^7, 7, 7b9) Delete/Add space in the chart (more info here) ‘i’ Info button: allows you to edit the title, composer, style indication and key of the song Alternative chord: tap on it to add small […]

Change song info (title, composer, style, key)

Go to the song and choose Edit (pencil icon) in the top right corner. In the Editor tap on the “i” Info button to edit the song’s Title, Composer, Style and key signature.

Time signatures recognized by the player

The Player recognizes all the time signatures provided in the editor. This is how they are interpreted – 4/4, 3/4 and 2/4 simply play as written in all styles 2/2 plays as 4/4 3/2 plays as 3/4 + 3/4 5/4 plays as 3/4 + 2/4 6/4 plays as 3/4 + 3/4 7/4 plays as 4/4 […]