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How to loop



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How to set count in

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How to display Chord Scales



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Write chart with melody

Save time when you need to write a chart with melody.
Export your song from iReal Pro in MusicXML so you have the chords and the form ready.

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Insert/Delete measure

“+>” – adds a blank cell in the currently selected position shifting the following part of the chord progression of one beat/cell forward.
For example tap in the first space top left and tap the Plus button 16 times to create space across the top to add space for an intro.
“<x” – removes the current cell, moving the rest of the chord progression backwards one beat/cell.
To delete a whole measure you’ll need to tap the Delete Beat four times (if that’s how many cells were used for the measure).
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Change time signature

Go to the song you would like to edit, tap/click on the Edit icon(pencil).
Tap/click on the beat where you’d like to change time signature.

iPhone/iPad: At the bottom of the screen, tap on Symbols and it will show all the available Symbols including Time Signatures
OS X: in the Editor panel choose the desired time signature from the drop down menu in the editor panel
Android: tap the big button indicating the current time signature – i.e 4/4

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Chord chart length

The iReal Pro editor currently supports maximum 12 systems, a total of 96 measures.

As an example, see the “Bossa 3” exercise included with iReal Pro or “Chega de Saudade”  included in the Jazz 1300 playlist.

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Getting Started

To get started with using iReal Pro, check out this guide for downloading, installing, and registration.

Minimum Requirements

In order to run the current version of iReal Pro, you need:

Mac computers: macOS 10.10 and up
(previous app versions require minimum macOS 10.6.8)
iPhone, iPad, iPod: iOS 9.1 and up
(previous app versions require minimum iOS 4)
Android phone/tablet, Kindle: OS 4.0.3 and up

Purchasing iReal Pro

You find a link to the different app stores on our website here.
We are part of Apple’s Volume Purchase Program and we offer 50% discount for Educational Institutions.

iOS version
macOS version

Import songs from iReal Pro Forums

You find many great playlists on the forum that you can import for free without registering on the forum. 

Here are a few playlists to start with:


Click here to download the 6 main playlists.

You find instructions inside the app under More/Tutorials or in our FAQ here:
In case you’re looking for a specific song, click on this link:
Then type in the title in the Google Custom Search field on the top left.
In case you don’t find the title, you can post a question and maybe other iReal Pro users have it.

Using iReal Pro on multiple devices

Your license entitles you to use iReal Pro on the same operating system(OS) on multiple devices.

To download the app to your other device on same OS, just make sure that you are logged in with the email address you used for the original purchase.

Unfortunately we have no way to transfer licenses between different platforms.
Mac OS X, iOS and Android are separate platforms with separate billing by Apple and Google.

We don’t have access to their billing and we don’t have your name either 🙁


Need further help getting started with iReal Pro?

You can find more helpful information in our FAQ.

Enjoy practicing with iReal Pro!

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iReal Pro with GarageBand

What you will need:
– Apogee Jam or iRig  guitar interface adapter for iPad , iPhone, iPod touch, Android and Mac
– Garageband (or other app for effects and amp like Amplitube)
– iReal Pro
– Launch GarageBand and create a new song
– Choose “Guitar Amp” and turn on the monitor
– Adjust gain
After that open iReal Pro and play along or tap on Share on the top right and select Record.
You have other options to listen/record with iReal Pro:
1. Open GarageBand, add a new track and select an Inter-App Audio app. Open the Instrument browser and tap select iReal Pro. Record the song from iReal Pro and a new track to record your playing.
More info here:
2. You can listen to/record any track directly from iReal Pro into GarageBand with Audiobus and use effects.
You find a tutorial here how to record the sound directly into Garageband.

In iReal Pro, go to More/Background Audio and make sure that it’s set to ON.
For an audio app to run background audio, it would have a setting for background audio OFF/ON. To run another audio app in the foreground at the same time, this app must allow the background audio through (many apps do not do this so you have to check.)
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Invisible Root

The oval button indicates an invisible root.
It can be used when you want to indicate a moving bass note without a change in the chords.
Doing this in the Editor:
Will result in this:
(on the Mac version, you can also write ‘W/A’ in the Editor)
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